Medical Consultations

Feeling under the weather? Not quite sure what is going on? We can help you identify the causes of your illness and what will help ease away your sickness.


Rehabilitation Centre

As we have grow far from back when we started, our rehabilitation centre also serve the purpose to help those with drugs addiction.


Occupational Doctor

Occupational doctors help identify and attend to diseases threat that occur in industrial work environment which would have take effect on the workers and people.



We also do our x-ray taking here. Normally, medical checkups quite sometimes require an x-ray taking. So, we want to make sure that it serves well to our patients.


Medical Checkups

Need to do a thorough medical checkups? From individuals and corporate checkups to a routine school and institutions entry, we’ve got it covered.


Hajj and Umrah Vaccination

Time to answer the calling of God. We are so honored that we will get to serve you as “the guests of God”. We will make sure you are ready before embarking your journey.